The Fall of Lazarus

I think it works already… okay… testing… someone, do you copy? It was a long time ago since you had news from us here, but it doesn’t mean that the NoWandprise has stopped, as a matter of fact all the opposite. We bring to you on this post a big update on our project’s status. Be comfortable because there are a lot of news!

On the one hand we can tell you that we have two games in two mobile stores (Android and iOS). The first one is The Wallet Games, we wrote here the post-mortem, the other one is Gjallarhorn, a game born in Ludum Dare 34th, we decided to upgrade, polish it and upload it on the stores.

In the other hand as we have previously said our main goal is to have a PC game at least. And we have been working on it for several months (believe us, a lot!) to be able to tell you about it. We are very excited to tell you that this project name is: The Fall of Lazarus.

What is the game about? It’s a first person exploration and puzzle game on a dark sci-fi setting. Imagine Gone Home meets Moon in a Nostromo-like cargo ship with several types of puzzles. Sounds great, right? Plus that, we can tell you there is more than meets the eye. If you go hard on the game you will discover the mystery surrounding the USSC Lazarus. But we will tell you more about the game, don’t be hasty. Anyways you can check out the official website of the game and keep an eye on it, we want to update it regularly.

The project design and script is almost done. The lore is finished, in fact our writer is already working on the dialogues. The programmers are already building the structure that holds the magic and our beloved creative director has a whole lot of concept art. To make it possible we have new collaborators as great support for some specific parts. You can find more about them in the team page, but we want to introduce them to you right now. Rush VFX (who is making the 3D of the ship to make it look spectacular) it’s a visual effects and motion graphics studio based in Zaragoza (just like us). Paul Lacruz and Javier Toledo are the engine and the brain of this well-oiled visual magic machine. Check out their astonishing portfolio!

Javier Medrano is the other crazy one willing to join us in this madness. Former programmer and game designer at Animatoon (Dogchild, PS4) he is helping us with the logic behind the puzzles and game design of the game. We trust in his mathmagic.


We would like to post thematic devlogs when we have enough information to show you. So we invite you to read them and comment when they are ready. Most of all we will have you updated on our social media.

The Fall of Lazarus is an ambitious project with which we want to introduce ourselves to the gaming world. We are making it with lots of illusion and hard work; we believe that the result it’s going to rock it. (Petarlo is the technical spanish term).

We wouldn’t say goodbye without reminding you that the truth is darker than space.

You will come to understand it. Until then… stay tuned!


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