Ludum Dare magistra vitae

To paraphrase the old Latin saying, we would like to give some impressions of our time on Ludum Dare 32. No more half measures, here there are all the results:

#191 Audio(Jam) 3.48

#403 Mood(Jam) 3.22

#500 Graphics(Jam) 3.33

#632 Overall(Jam) 3.08

#787 Humor(Jam) 2.29

#798 Innovation(Jam) 2.58

#806 Theme(Jam) 2.90

#915 Fun(Jam) 2.43

The results have been a little bittersweet. Let us analyze it and do a bit of self-criticism. On the overall section is perhaps the one which less require comment. We received few votes (fifty) and to be our first jam we have been in the first third, so even if it’s a low number, we can be satisfied.

The most troubling points for us were the sections of Fun and Theme. Regarding Fun, it could certainly be expected for our game which was based more on telling a story that the playability. Yet we must not lose sight that we are making these games and they should be fun. On the other hand, what has surprised us is the low score in Theme. We wanted to give it a second though using the weapon theme as a concept and not as an object, but it seems that we couldn’t transmit.

More than flagellate ourselves or make criticism of the industry, let us focus on the things we have learned. First of all, we have reaffirmed the idea of making the games we really want and not what the public wants, although with them you get bad scores.

Second, we have gained experience in our various fields. Everyone knows what could have implemented better in their discipline. Surely in the next jam we will be know better how to calculate the map, we will implement more mechanical, and adjust more the narrative … and a long list of examples which would be meaningless to continue listing.

EThirdly, we have seen the importance of publishing periodic reports on project status. The Jonbar Point only had a post when we uploaded it (it took long for the intrinsic saturation of the event) and a post-mortem a few days of finishing the voting. So for the next we should try to update more to create some interest.

In short, despite having been a great experience, where we learned to work together as a team (not Wanders assemble!) the experience has been a good contact with reality. Dealing with an anonymous public which you can’t see (Asimov’s psychohistory we miss you!) its reactions. We still have a long way to go and thanks to events like these, we will get the experience to get better.

DeuSens on our experience in Ludum Dare as a presentation of The Jonbar Point. They were with us in the early hours of the Jam and lived (and recorded) the whole process of brain storming and our initial ideas for the game.

Stay tunned!

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