Ludum Dare 33

So even without blog updates in the last month, it doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy. In fact it’s completely the opposite. We’re in the middle of two projects, however we’ve decided to take a break in our bussiness to compete again in the Ludum Dare. If you don’t know The Ludum Dare is a competition with the objetive of making a game in 72 hours. It’s not our first time, check out older entries for more info.

So then, Saturday August 22, 2015 we received the theme: “You are the monster”. Truth be told, our first reaction was better than in the previous Ludum Dare. We liked the theme and the brainstorming was shorter and much better than in the previous one.

After two or three game concepts, we quickly fell in love with one of them. It mix two of our passions: the Tycoon genre (games about simulation and management) and the Kaijus (japanese word for gigant monsters). After we get excited with the type of the game, we started to throw crazy ideas about it: I want this, I want that, It’ll be awesome… but the turning point arrived and with it the need to keep it simple.


So then, we agreed to make a game in which you’ll be the kaijumancer (The NWS #3 rule is that any word with the –mancer sufix will be cool) and you have a machine where you can mix different Kaiju parts to make a different monster. After that you can release them against the cities. The original idea was that each part have a skill and the combat was in real time (more or less) but unfortunately we have not enough time. We have to did the essential which is you create a monster and they do the dirty work.

After a night’s rest, we started to work again. The project was going quite well (or that we thought…), in fact we achieved the goal to have a game basis and we started to improve it with more content like skill points. Everything went smoothly and we even recorded this funny video:

But when the deadline was near we realized that we had many game modules but not a solid one. The last two hours were crazy. It seemed that everything was going south but in the end we survived.

You can play the game here.

In two weeks we’ll know the results and we’ll post our review. Until then, we encourage you to play the game and give us some feedback.

C’mon!, the world is not going to destroy itself!

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