Ludum Dare #33 Results

As in No Wand Studios we are people who respect traditions, we decided to create the tradition of making traditional to write about the Ludum Dare scores. If your tongue or head hasn’t exploded yet, make yourselves comfortable that now we begin.

Our ratings were the followings:

#347 Humor 3.13

#377 Graphics 3.68

#383 Theme 3.63

#433 Innovation 3.12

#595 Mood 3.02

#778 Overall 2.94

#978 Fun 2.40



Taking a general look we can say we have raised our scores in several categories. You can compare with our first attempt here.

We are happy with the result because in humor, graphics and theme (this time we believe we have been properly judgedin this section) we have had better results than in the previous edition but we have always believed that we can go further away, little by little.

However, we again have the same problem with the category ‘fun’. Reflecting on our two entries, we see that we have presented game concepts, prototypes we could say, more than completed games. This has certainly weighed us or maybe it isn’t in tune with the spirit of the LudumDare (perhaps we lack midichlorians ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ). We believe that what people sought it’s fast games or focused on a simple but addictive game mechanics.

Regarding the latter, we have always argued that we shouldn’t get carried away by the general mass and that we want to make the games we love or those which we would like to play; with a clear boundary, is to have very little sense to completely ignore the market.

Although not everything is self-flagellation, of course, the important thing is that we have learned valuable things like leaving for last the tutorial and the desire that the average player usually has for feeling progress in their character. And how important it is to have more social visibility, as in the previous edition of the Ludum Dare we barely published anything of the game until it was finished and in this second one we did so and we have received many more votes and the most valuable: others developers feedback who have guided us about upcoming approaches.


In short, the Ludum Dare still looks like a great laboratory to us, and every time we face it we put more enthusiasm, effort and we left with more knowledge and resources.

We don’t want to steal any more time from you if you have endured this far. We leave here the link of the game. And remember …

Stay tuned!

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