Gamelab 2015

Last week was held in Barcelona Gamelab 2015 y, it couldn’t be otherwise so we didn’t miss the appointment. For those who do not know, the Gamelab is an event dedicated to professionals in the world of video games. This was its eleventh edition since first held in Gijón back in 2004. In the three-day long event we went to lectures, workshops, panel discussions and did networking, much networking.


For this edition were cited speakers as important as Alistair Hope, Shinji Mikami, Suda Goichi, David Gaider or Jordan Mechner among others. All creators of important games as Alien: Isolation, Kotor, Resident Evil, Prince of Persia… Of course, there was also room for indie games, both by lecturers as Rami Ismail or Steve Gaynor, as in the networking area allowing even smaller studies to have the opportunity to show their creations. We also used our time off in the apartment to make Borja the host of the Lovecraft worlds.

In short, the perfect place for people like us. We learned from veterans at conferences, met other developers and theirs projects; moreover, NoWandStudios business cards were a complete success in the meeting point. As we ourselves gathered cards from musicians, 3D artists and publisher.


And among all this there was also time, of course, for David and Johnny to go into fan mode when meeting Konrad Tomaszkiewicz, game director in CD Projeckt Red for the development of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and Alistair Hope, creative director at Creative Assembly -study creator of Alien: Isolation– were propitious for a photo with our CEO and creative director favorites.

In closing, we attended the Indie Developer Burger Awards 2015. An awards gala organized by the leading-edge indie companies in Spain, where they offer you a burger and a beer only for attending. With this premise, the show could only go better. And so it did: great atmosphere, hilarious videos of presentation and an overwhelming desire to present our game in the edition of 2016. We left our mark with appreciation for the good time and with a promise of returning to next year as more than simple visitors.


And we not only hope to appear at the IDBA gala, in our visit to the Gamelab in 2016 we will have our own stand for people to try our game. We promise!

Stay tunned!

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