The reality of future

We tested some Oculus Rift. And they are very cool.

That said, before beginning to speak about them, we should explain what they are. The Oculus Rift is a virtual reality goggles that allow the user to experience three-dimensional environments in 360 degrees in either direction. It’s able to look to any point in the simulated space.

And now, after the explanation, we tell you our experience with virtual reality.

As we had already announced through Twitter, we have in recent weeks repeatedly test the Oculus Rift, notably thanks to Deusens, another company at CIEM specialized in virtual reality and audiovisual works, and to Roberto Niubó, a great professional passionate about technology. All of us have seen firsthand how it feels to wear these virtual reality glasses and we are pretty sure about our opinion: endless possibilities and great potential.

First, we enjoyed a CIEM walkthrough without leaving the site. Then in Gameboss, very complete event organized by the Mechanical Boss boys here in Zaragoza, we experience what it would be to get on a roller coaster made in Minecraft and it really surprised us to find the typical tingling feeling in your stomach that you have when you get on one of these attractions. Finally, Deusens gave us again us the opportunity to try them and also to work with them. That afternoon, we were privileged to have the Oculus and how could it be otherwise, we made a quick adaptation of our projects (including 2D). We ended up falling in love, if there was still a hint of doubt.

We have it pretty clear. We have several ideas that we would like to accomplish with Oculus Rift and we know that would complete the game experience that we want to offer at the beginning. But aside from our aims and what Oculus Rift already accounts for the video game world, applications outside this area are certainly very attractive. Oculus Rift offers an immersion difficult to achieve by other means. And we don’t only mean leisure-oriented video games. The serious games are increasingly on the rise and even there this device has its uses, such as virtual visits.

In short, the Oculus Rift opens the door to new experiences without leaving the site. We can’t wait to give that extra immersion in our games that allow us to get a more perfect result if possible.

Keep you informed.

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