Zaragoza is future

This was the ‘entrepreneurs week’ in Zaragoza. In Twitter the hastag #ZGZesFuturo has been used and some local radio stations have also been promoting the incubation centers in the city.

As far as we are concerned, CIEM Zaragoza was a major change in our particular entrepreneurial adventure. It is not only a center to rent a space to work, we also have consultancies and guidance for our everyday as well as the opportunity to meet and connect with other entrepreneurs to create the first nods in a network. And this last part is perhaps the most valuable of incubation centers, without diminishing the other benefits at all. A good breeding ground for entrepreneurs collaborations to take place.

We can witness the change that involves moving from a small single office to CIEM, where the visibility of your company gives a 180º turn. Here we have met a community of entrepreneurs that has welcomed us very well from the first day. We have also had the opportunity to work with one of them, Deusens, in very interesting projects at all levels. This would not have happened to us if we hadn’t moved from our previous office. Having the opportunity to create a circle of contacts and that other companies know that you exist and what you do is a valuable situation for the first months of any company.

In addition, that the CIEM web links to your own business is always a good element to take into consideration, both to generate visits and to the SEO. Similarly, the social profiles of the center are sufficiently settled and have many followers, so that they serve to give the initial profile of entrepreneurs that become part of the community a push.

Today in the ‘Heraldo de Aragon’ you have an article that, in addition to see some entrepreneurs you probably know, you will find a little more information about these centers. If you feel too lazy to go to the street and buy the journal you can also read a piece of that article in But either way you should go to the street.

PS: We also leave the video broadcast on ZTV as part of this initiative and where we are showed telling a little of what we do, and so you can see our faces.

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