No news is good news

Where do we come from? Where do we go? Don’t panic, we are not going to talk about Gauguin’s painting, or existentialist philosophy (I promise, they have threatened me not to do so and the dungeon is cold), but we believe it’s necessary to take a look at the past month of silence.

Where do we come from? So far part of the team was engaged in finalizing a mobile game. It’s in beta testing right now and we will soon be able to reveal the secret of it. Next month, December, we will launch the game and it will be understood why we have not touted more about it.

We have always argued that before running, you should know how to walk. So this small project has helped us to observe the most basic mistakes in game developing and know our styles of work before blindly launching more complex developments. Maybe we can’t compete with Usain Bolt, but we dare to take our first steps without being gripped.

As you have observed we have said that part of the team was finishing this little game, but what about the rest of us? That’s the “where do we go?” part. The other part of the team has been working on the script and game design of our next project for the last couple of months. This time it will be a PC game, but keeping in mind to release it on every platform we can reach.

Meanwhile do not think we are locked all day in the office. What happens is that the 23 hours we do tarnish the rest. We have also participated in a “make your own One Page dungeon” contest, and we will continue joining the Ludum Dare and maybe some other jam. We have even made an occasional pleasure trip! Despite all we can say, this adventure we have embarked ourselves on (having burned all of our bridges months ago) is making us grow much.

We are as excited as “scared” to these two final months of the year. It will be a wonderful feeling to reveal our first game and start a hopefully one year development tops, where we can say how proud we are to do what we wanted, to model our dreams as potters.

Because almost all of our dreams can be made real if we know how to, right?


Stay tuned!

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