Merry Christmas, space travelers!

Hi there!

Yeah, it’s that time of the year again. The snow (if you live in that kind of city), the cold, the rush of purchasing all the family gifts… wait a minute… family… gifts… oh shit! We have families! We almost forgot… maybe we should at least come by our homes and say hi. It’s Christmas after all.. it’s been a crazy year since we started working on The Fall of Lazarus on February. But totally worth it so far. We’ve learnt a lot of The Path of the Dev (‘cause you know, it’s kinda mystic, isn’t it?) and we feel like we are barely getting started!

We released a demo of our first game. That’s a thing. Can you believe it? Maybe it’s not a big deal for some people but it’s a huge milestone for us. If you are developing in a creative field you know how difficult it is. And video games are no different. There is so much work to do but we know we will eventually get there. We are halfway through the development (that’s what we think anyway) and we are so looking forward for you to see what we’ve been working on these months. We’ve been in some cool places like GameLab Barcelona or Fun&Serious Festival at Bilbao meeting a lot of nice people and talking a lot about our game. The feedback was awesome and that pushed us even more on keep working harder than ever. The Fall of Lazarus is growing strong and we think you’ll love our little mystery game. Stay tuned because the next year will come full of news!

We know this year has been a little bit crappy but we hope your 2017 looks as much interesting and promising as ours. Maybe the world is falling apart but we have to focus in these little things that help us keep moving forward.

We love you all, space travelers. Merry Christmas and have a nice holyday!

No Wand Studios team.


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