Interview on Ciem Zaragoza


Today we bring you a little interview we were made by the people of CIEM Zaragoza, the business incubation center where we decided to place our headquarters, to try to know us a little better, both us and what we do.

We are delighted to be part of one of the epicenter of Zaragoza business and we are being treated great. If you have any project ongoing or you are looking a place from where to start your activity without doubt the CIEM is a great option.

What does No Wand do and what services does it offer?

– We are a little videogame developing studio. That’s our main activity, though exceptionally we also offer design services and web developing. Right now the videogame industry earns more money than the music and the movies ones together, so that we think that we are entering a very promising world.

What’s the difference between No Wand Studios and the direct and not so direct competitors?

– We are a young team of creative and enthusiastic people but with the ideas pretty clear. We form a group that gets to cover several areas complementing each other. We are also handsome.

What advice would you give to new entrepreneurs?

– Big doses of patience, especially with paperwork. And not only that, but also because starting up an enterprise and making it work is a long process in most cases. Moreover, constancy, responsibility and hard work. We have our fun moments, of course, but we must differentiate between having a relaxing atmosphere and being serious about work. These are the things we have checked by ourselves in these six months. They always tell you the beginnings are hard, and to be sincere it’s quite true, but it’s worth if the final prize is get to work in something that really excites you.

How do you see yourselves in 5 years?

– We always talk to each other of being a huge success and swim on bills, be between the big shots, but deep down we are more conformed. We would be quite happy if we get to live doing videogames, which is what we really like. To look back and see a selection of videogames made by ourselves and of which we can be proud of.


Here we left their webpage so can look into it:

Until next time!

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