Devlog #2: The Fall of Lazarus on Square Enix Collective

Hi there!

Today we wanted to tell you about something that make us really happy so we’re going straight to the point. If you follow us on social media you already know that we were selected by Square Enix Collective to be part of their indie video game support platform. Obviously it’s owned by Square Enix itself, so it’s a really big deal for us!

If you don’t know how it works, it’s a platform focused on giving visibility and feedback to small projects. It started in January 2014 and since then one hundred and twenty projects made it to the platform already. Each month they select four pitches from all submissions they receive but this November they only picked up two due to the massive number of pitches people sent. The Fall of Lazarus, our science fiction exploration and mystery game is the fourth Spanish project in the platform ever and right after the steps of the most voted pitch in the history of Square Enix Collective: Moonlighter, the beautiful game by Digital Sun Games, an indie video game development studio from Valencia.

Square Enix Collective

So, our game pitch for The Fall of Lazarus is starting its feedback phase. Everyone can go right now in there and give us whatever they think about our concept. You only have to register with your Square Enix account, your Facebook account or even your Steam account and that’s it. If you like what we’re working on then press the YES button and we will be the happiest men in town.

This phase take a month to end and if Square Enix sees movement and good feedback maybe they’ll help us with a hypothetical crowdfunding campaign. And then, well, there is also a tiny possibility of being published by them if that hypothetical crowdfunding comes true and successful. But those are castles in the sky. Now we’re focused on your feedback, people!



Oh! And we will be in the indie zone of the Fun and Serious Festival in Bilbao, Spain from 25th to 27th of November. So, if you’re going too be sure to say hi! We’ll be glad to meet you all and chat a little bit. There will be some great indie studios such us Tequila Works or Beautifun Games among many others

Hope to see you there and don’t forget about voting us on Square Enix Collective!

See you guys! The space trip continues!


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