Hello! Welcome to No Wand Studios. Probably the best independent videogame development studio of our office. Or so it accredits the best game development group award by Our Mothers Game Awards (OMGA 2014).

We devote to video game creation, and we like to say that we handmade them. In other words, from the first idea until the last update, through pre-production, sketches, programming, design… we like our games being completely ours, always keeping the creative control of the development and putting all the enthusiasm and the passion we can.


"In the face of such hopelessness as our eventual, unavoidable death, there is little sense in not at least trying to accomplish all of your wildest dreams in life."

Kevin Smith



We are three young people from Zaragoza who, with time, have realized that we didn’t want only to play video the games that we liked, we also wanted to create the ones which were on our heads and no one had ever done them.

And here we are. Come in and have a drink, this one is on us.

NWS Time Line



No Wand Studios is born as an enterprise with one goal: Making video games that haunt our heads and no one has done them yet.

We live and work for our ideas. We give them shape with passion and hard work, always with good taste and the coolness that distinguish us. We like to work with fresh and original ideas, always trying to innovate in some of the aspects covered in the complex development of a video game.

We do whatever we want because we love doing it. We believe creativity only is real when you put all you got in the development. But we are no fools. We are aware of the market, the player interests or trends around us. But we would be betraying ourselves if we wouldn't doing what we wanted to. We are who we are and you can feel it in our games.

As Kevin Smith's quote in the presentation page of our web says we would be idiots if we don't at least try it.

But in the end, what counts for us is that people have fun with what we do.

  • Hard Work
  • Fresh Ideas
  • Coolness
  • Beauty
  • Beers/hour
  • Steam completed games
  • Steam achievements
  • Caffeine in our bodies

Game development

  • Game development
  • Game design
  • Level design
  • Programming
  • Conceptual and Graphic art
  • 3D
  • Graphic desing
  • Script

With a team of four human beings without big significant mental impairments and limited capabilities but big-hearted, we cover all the broad areas that are needed to develop a videogame: freak, Steam’s games and beer.

Apart from that and thanks to being a small but compact and diverse team, we control all areas of game development: original idea, pre-production, the first sketches, the graphics, the level design…

Being a small team, everyone has a specific role but we like that everyone contributes in all. You never know where an idea can come from, a solution or help.

We are four young people in constant training: Never stop learning. Although we haven’t been too long in the industry we always try to move on and keep on learning. Studying, watching, listening and working. In an industry in continuous progress we can’t stay still.



Probably the best prepared team of the world. We don’t know though if it’s for game developing. It’s something we are going to discover with time.


"When darkness veils the world, four warriors of light shall come."

Hironobu Sakaguchi


  • David"Nazhor"Bernad


    CEO, not a code monkey. Able to reach Mach 4 by foot, his TOC size is only rivaled by his Steam’s library. His gaze will guide this studio to business success. You are a ‘casual’ and he knows.
    The Godfather, Neon Genesis Evangelion, The Prisoner of Heaven, Iron Maiden, Final Fantasy VIII, Game Boy Pocket.

  • Jonathan"Caulfield"Prat


    He holds the Guinness record for the largest number of logo designs for the same enterprise in the shortest possible time. Legends say that he may be able to draw but it is not vouched. The Criterionbringer™.
    The empire strikes back, Ender’s Game, Breaking Bad, Joaquín Sabina, Knights of the Old Republic, SNES.

  • Carlos"Meil"Carrera


    The concentration made human. SCRUM don't work for him, he always go faster than the Sprints. He programs with the ‘No’ by flag. There was a time when he also served as an infinity sound bank.
    The land before time, South Park, Keys to 1vs1, Rhapsody, Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Sega Megadrive

  • We hope they changed their underwear and they are eating well. It's been a while since the last time we saw them...
    - Nuestras madres -
  • I'm programming a virtual growing tree like the one I promised for Fable. They deserve it.
    - Peter Molinete -
  • I'm the fuckin' master, and they ain't.
    - Phil Pescadete -
  • No Wand what? Leave me alone, you're hurting me. Stop it for Christ's sake!
    - Redactor de Porygon -
  • I wasn't speaking of them really.
    - Hironobu Sakaguchi -
  • Don't tell me what I can't do.
    - John Locke -
  • Save the Cheerleader, save the indie scene.
    - Hiro Nakamura -


Yes, we know: there're things that we don't know how to do it...But for this reason we rely on the best collaborators in the world. There's no doubt that they're the best: they work with us after all.

  • Borja "Comissar" Peinado
    Borja "Comissar" Peinado


    He was the new new guy at the office. He is documented beyond his means. If there is a misspelling in a ten meter radius, his world sight changes to Terminator HUD and TARGET ACQUIRED, TERMINATE. He is also the Gatekeeper.
    Requiem for a Dream, The life of Lazarillo de Tormes, The X-files, The White Buffalo, Baldur’s Gate II, Sega Megadrive.

  • Javier Medrano
    Javier Medrano


    The Mathgician. His sense of humor is darker than his beard. He's so good at what he does we even forgive him for haven't seen Battlestar Galactica and Firefly yet. Yeah, we know, we're working on fixing that. Nobody is perfect.
    The Big Lebowski, Futurama, El Inmortal, The Clash, The Secret of Monkey Island, PlayStation 1

  • Jorge Pérez
    Jorge Pérez


    Every time he comes to the office a voice over says «My name is Jorge Pérez, and I am the fastest 3D artist alive» and a flashback begins. He can build a cargo spaceship from scratch. He also is capable of NOT killing Johnny and his creative shit.
    The Return of the Jedi, The Macedonian, How I Met Your Mother, Metallica, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, PSX

  • Rush VFX
    Rush VFX


    When it comes to Paul Lacruz and Javier Toledo, it's all about the big picture. Mr. Engine and Mr. Brain, they are all-terrain film-fueled visual wizards. Sundays are just another day.
    Film, Commercials, TV, Architecture, Engineering, Digital Prototyping, Branding, Motion Graphics.

  • DeuSens


    Guillermo Zaragozano, Álvaro Antoñanzas and Álvaro Monzón. DeuSens design hyperexperiences to be enjoyed by the five senses with no other meaning than live unique moments.
    Virtual reality. Augmented reality. 360º technology. Audiovisual edition.


The Fall of Lazarus

The Fall of Lazarus


Actually in development. More info at www.thefalloflazarus.com The Fall of Lazarus is a science fiction first person exploration and puzzle game where we play as a crew member of the USSC Lazarus. You awake from the cryostasis and find out the ship is drifting in space and nothing is what it seems. It’s a deeply narrative game and the player will have to solve puzzles and sniff around in order to get going and put together the pieces of a bigger puzzle to finally unveil the truth beneath what is happening.
The Wallet Games

The Wallet Games


Brace your wallet! The Sales are coming!

The Wallet Games is a sport game in a humorous tone. In this game you must help Wall-y to survive The Sales by getting the best discounts. To achieve that, you have to go through all Olympic events that we propose.

- Competition mode: play the eight events one after another and achieve the best discount you can. Share the score online and try to beat the other players.
- Hidden sport: If you smash it in competition mode, you unlock a bonus sport that will improve your score. Also once you unlock it, it can be played whenever you want in practice mode.
- Practice mode: “Wax on, Wax off player-san” Are you stucked? In practice mode you can play all sport separately.
- Secret achievement: there’re some cool secret achievements. Gotta unlock’ em all!

Be the wallet!

*No wallets were harmed in the making of this videogame
Click here to download The Wallet Games for Android.
¡Click here and go to The Wallet Games awesome web page!



According to the legend, when the Gjallarhorn was played, Ragnarök would start. Now it’s that time.

Ragnarök has started and you, Heimdall the Bifröst’s guardian, must protect the bridge against loki’s monster. Run from right to left and smash them with your axe. Ragnarök is unstoppable but how long can you hold it?
Gjallarhonr is our Ludum Dare #34 entry. Themes for this one were: two button controls and growing, and we decided to pick up both of them. We've created an arcade game and we feeled like we've to put a new name for this genre, so we are calling it "back & slash". You control Heimdall with two buttons (Z & M) and the zone that you must defend is growing little by little.
*If you want to share your score on Twitter, you have to allow your browser to open a new tab.

C'mon, norse warrior! Vallhalla awaits! Play Gjallarhorn:

Kaiju Tycoon

Imagine you are a kaijumancer. Someone with the power to make kaijus and give the order to destroy cities.

Kaiju Tycoon is our submission for the 33th Ludum Dare (the 72 hours worlwide jam, you know it already, don't ya?). The theme of the jam was «You are the monster», so we thought: Wich are our most favorite monsters? The answer was easy: Kaijus, obviously.

Combine different pieces and order they to massacre cities. But be careful, World answer your menace with allies like sharknado, Power Pangers and the awful dire prawns. Become the best kaijumancer, because the Earth it’s not going to exterminate itself! We highly recommended read the tutorial!

Play Kaiju Tycoon Online
The Jonbar Point

The Jonbar Point has been the result of our first participation in the Ludum Dare, specifically its 32th edition. That event consists on creating a game on 72 hours according to a certain subject chosen by vote by the community who participates in the Jam.

This competition, although doesn’t have prizes, it’s an experience which provides the opportunity of working as a team against the clock and testing your developing skills. No without troubles we got to make a finished version of what could be a bigger game. The proposed theme this year was ‘an unconventional weapon’ and after a long brainstorming, we came out with an idea: our game would be about an interstellar traveler, a galactic researcher who uses holograms of important historical events in the history of mankind contained in an old space probe as a weapon to advance and overcome various obstacles. Too weird? Try to play and then you will understand better:

Download The Jonbar Point for Windows
Download The Jonbar Point for Mac
Play The Jonbar Point Online

In our blog you will find a developing diary where we tell you in much more detail the experience which was to develop a game in three days. Give it a look!
Virtual tour HMY Yudigar Hispack

For our second project, realized in collaboration with DeuSens, we made a virtual tour again. This time we transfer ourselves to a virtual supermarket in which different PLV designs were exposed made by the HMY Yudigar enterprise. With this project, the company managed to strengthen its excellent quality bringing a touch of innovation and freshness thanks through the use of powerful tools provided by virtual reality.
Virtual tour Grandes Vinos y Viñedos

Virtual tour Grandes Vinos y Viñedos


The Project developed for the winery Grandes Vinos y Viñedos offered a hiperexperience as a virtual tour to promote the brand, original from Cariñena, using to create it processes and technology used on videogames, a concept known as ‘serious game’.

In collaboration with DeuSens, we created an application which simulated a tour through the vineyards that along the way it went down to a wine cellar with barrels of American oak which ends with an image that sends a clear message: «From Cariñena to the world». During the tour six bottles are displayed corresponding to the different brands the winery wanted to promote: Beso de vino, Hoy, El circo, Corona de Aragón, Monasterio de las viñas and Anayón. In this way they wanted to bring the customers closer to the surroundings and atmosphere of the winery in the most realistic way but at the same time giving the experience a new level of sensations making it a hiperexperience.

The content was displayed in the Hall of Gourmets in Madrid, having great impact in specialized media as Revista Vinos y Restaurantes. TTasting was also held in the Tomevinos wine cellar, where our partners and friends DeuSens showed the content to anyone who wanted to try, as well as a tasting of the finest wines from the wine cellar Grandes Vinos y Viñedos.

Last you can also find a small development diary in our blog in which we tell you in a little more detail the creative process behind our first handmade "serious game".




Merry Christmas, space travelers!

Hi there!

Yeah, it’s that time of the year again. The snow (if you live in that kind of city), the cold, the rush of purchasing all the family gifts… wait a minute… family… gifts… oh shit! We have families! We almost forgot… maybe we should at least come by our homes and say hi. It’s Christmas after all.. it’s been a crazy year since we started working on The Fall of Lazarus on February. But totally worth it so far. We’ve learnt a lot of The Path of the Dev (‘cause you know, it’s kinda mystic, isn’t it?) and we feel like we are barely getting started!

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SE Collective and F&S Festival: That’s a wrap!

Hey there!

How are you doing? This is the last update we’re gonna make in our Square Enix Collective campaign and we’re really happy with it so far. It’s been a hell of a ride but today is the last day and we have to keep working on The Fall of Lazarus.

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Devlog #2: The Fall of Lazarus on Square Enix Collective

Hi there!

Today we wanted to tell you about something that make us really happy so we’re going straight to the point. If you follow us on social media you already know that we were selected by Square Enix Collective to be part of their indie video game support platform. Obviously it’s owned by Square Enix itself, so it’s a really big deal for us!

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Devlog #1: Status update (We’re alive)

Hi guys! Johnny here!

It’s been a while since our last update here and we wanted to tell you how is the project doing.

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The Fall of Lazarus

I think it works already… okay… testing… someone, do you copy? It was a long time ago since you had news from us here, but it doesn’t mean that the NoWandprise has stopped, as a matter of fact all the opposite. We bring to you on this post a big update on our project’s status. Be comfortable because there are a lot of news!

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The Wallet Games post-mortem

Hello everyone,

We’re No Wand Studios, a small group of Spanish developers and we just launched our first game: The Wallet Games.

We would like to tell you our experience and what we’ve learned from it so that whoever wants to embark on the adventure of gamedev can draw conclusions.

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No news is good news

Where do we come from? Where do we go? Don’t panic, we are not going to talk about Gauguin’s painting, or existentialist philosophy (I promise, they have threatened me not to do so and the dungeon is cold), but we believe it’s necessary to take a look at the past month of silence.

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Ludum Dare #33 Results

As in No Wand Studios we are people who respect traditions, we decided to create the tradition of making traditional to write about the Ludum Dare scores. If your tongue or head hasn’t exploded yet, make yourselves comfortable that now we begin.

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Ludum Dare 33

So even without blog updates in the last month, it doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy. In fact it’s completely the opposite. We’re in the middle of two projects, however we’ve decided to take a break in our bussiness to compete again in the Ludum Dare. If you don’t know The Ludum Dare is a competition with the objetive of making a game in 72 hours. It’s not our first time, check out older entries for more info.

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Gamelab 2015

Last week was held in Barcelona Gamelab 2015 y, it couldn’t be otherwise so we didn’t miss the appointment. For those who do not know, the Gamelab is an event dedicated to professionals in the world of video games. This was its eleventh edition since first held in Gijón back in 2004. In the three-day long event we went to lectures, workshops, panel discussions and did networking, much networking.

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Ludum Dare magistra vitae

To paraphrase the old Latin saying, we would like to give some impressions of our time on Ludum Dare 32. No more half measures, here there are all the results:

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Teaching and video games

In my experience as a high school teacher, I noticed there is some reluctance on using game as a powerful educational weapon. It seems that the generation gap that exists between teacher and student is an unbridgeable abyss which will never allow these two worlds to be connected.

From No Wand Studios, as part of this new emerging industry, we want to give some guidance to teachers who are interested in including these tools in their classrooms. The text will be centered on the teaching of social sciences (SS CC from now), but we will be happy to propose alternatives to other subjects. Do not hesitate to contact (hi@nowandstudios.com) and see which formula is best suited to your needs.

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Ludum Dare 32

When a friend tells you “. I propose you a crazy project in seventy-two hours,” What can happen? Exactly, a Road movie. But we have neither the budget nor an enviable route to make our spiritual journey, so we entered into the Ludum Dare and let me announce the result experience: it was amazing.

For those who do not know the mechanics of Ludum Dare, they are competitions where you get a theme voted randomly and you have seventy-two hours after the theme is released for making a game based on it (forty-eight hours if you go into solo mode).

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Development diary 1: Grandes Vinos Project

A few weeks ago we talked about serious games in this blog. That entry wasn’t written by chance. Not only because it’s an increasingly demanded service, but also because a proposal for a project of this type came into our office.

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Zaragoza is future

This was the ‘entrepreneurs week’ in Zaragoza. In Twitter the hastag #ZGZesFuturo has been used and some local radio stations have also been promoting the incubation centers in the city.

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Suit and tie games

There is a term that every day is more often used, even though some people might find it somewhat dissonant: we speak of the “serious games”.

For those who do not yet know what we mean, serious games include that part of video games whose main purpose isn’t to entertain their users (which doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t accomplish it). Rather, its uses can be as varied as education, simulations and even advertising.

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The reality of future

We tested some Oculus Rift. And they are very cool.

That said, before beginning to speak about them, we should explain what they are. The Oculus Rift is a virtual reality goggles that allow the user to experience three-dimensional environments in 360 degrees in either direction. It’s able to look to any point in the simulated space.

And now, after the explanation, we tell you our experience with virtual reality.

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We begin our first project


After many changes and preparations, including the brand new web, we can finally officially announce that we have started the developing of our first video game. Actually we have been working on that project since some weeks ago, but Christmas has been quite crazy on the studio.

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Interview on Ciem Zaragoza


Today we bring you a little interview we were made by the people of CIEM Zaragoza, the business incubation center where we decided to place our headquarters, to try to know us a little better, both us and what we do.

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Hello! Welcome to No Wand Studios’ blog.

Here we will post both news related to our activity as information and articles we feel like writing or share with you. We are four young gaming enthusiastic people that one day decided to stop having free time. Thus the studio was born and thus we didn’t see our parent anymore.

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No Wand Studios


Zaragoza (Spain)
Mobile: (+34) 688-919-255
Email: hi@nowandstudios.com